No single website can hope to cover all aspects of the Division's 50-year history. In that light, below is a comprehensive list of other sites and various additional sources.

Prime 3AD Related Websites:
3rd Armored Division History Foundation - site you are now on.
3rd Armored Division Association Archives - Univ. of Illinois
Association of 3d Armored Div. Veterans - founded 1998, all-era
3AD WWII Site by Charles Corbin - such potential, but little
added since 1998 after a dispute with 3AD WWII Association.
Wikipedia - Encyclopedia - a generally first-rate, very abridged
3AD tutorial, including eight photos from

Purchase 3AD souvenirs:
Zazzle.Com - caps, shirts, mugs, and much more.
PriorService.Com - best for patches.

3AD Unit Websites:
1st Battalion, 33rd Armor - All Era
33d Armored & Cavalry Association
503rd MP Company - All Era
A Battery, 40th Field Artillery (A/40th FA MLRS)
143rd Signal Battalion - All Era
Div. PIO, 503rd Admin Co, Drake Kaserne - 1965-68
13th Congoleese, 3rd Bn, 33rd Armor - Cold War
486th Anti-Aircraft Artillery Battalion - WWII
991st Field Artillery Battalion - WWII
The Tanker - 2nd Bn, 32nd Armor related
1sr Battalion, 33rd Armor Yahoo Group
D Co, 122nd Maintenance Bn, The Rock

3AD WWII Re-enactor Groups:
32nd AR, 36th AIR, & 83rd Recon Bn - Georgia
36th Armored Infantry Regiment - Oregon
"Tanks in Town" - Mons, Belgium - includes 3AD
3AD Stuart Tank "Fish & Chips" - Belgium
(Please inform us of other groups: Webmaster.)

WWII Inf. Div. Teammates:
Two special divisions often working
closely with the 3AD during 1944-45:
1st Infantry Division - "Big Red One"
104th Infantry Division - "Timberwolves"

"Rolling Thunder" - The 3AD 1941-92
"Stormin Norman & the Abrams Tank" - Gulf War
"Dangerous Missions - Tank Crews" - WWII
"The Tanks Are Coming" - WWII / Hollywood
"G.I. Blues" - Cold War / Hollywood / Elvis Presley

3AD Book Lists:
List #1 - 3AD as primary subject
List #2 - 3AD as significant mention

Cold War Bibliographies:
U.S. Forces in Germany 1945-1992
Competing NATO/Soviet Strategies
The Cold War Victory & Aftermath

Special Projects:
Koeln 1
Koeln 2
Lt. Kellner

Recommended Websites
of Varied Interest:
U.S. Army in - covers 1945-1989
National Museum of the U.S. Army - project underway
U.S. Army Main Site - Washington, DC
National Archives: Veterans & Their Families
Library of Congress - Veterans History Project
Battle of the Bulge Memories - (Henri Rogister)
Grandmenil, Belgium - Battles of Dec., 1944
Battle of the Bulge (CRIBA)
U.S. Army Center of Military History
National World War II Memorial
National World War I Museum  -  SEE PHOTO
Association of the United States Army
National Military Personnel Records Center
American Battle Monuments Commission
The Patton Museum, Ft. Knox, KY
Bovington Tank Museum - England
US Army Infantry Home Page
Army Technology (the Defense Industry)
In-Honored-Glory Website - includes 3AD
The U.S. Army War College
Army Institute of Heraldry
The Army Times (National Newspaper)
Jody Harmon Military Art
Veterans Alliance Service Center
GI Bill Website (Your Benefits & Rights)
Europe Defense Vets of America
The Cold War Museum
Cold War Veterans Association
Military History Books & Videos

Army Armored Divisions:
Listed below are the sixteen U.S. Army armored divisions
that have existed in history and their current websites, not
including National Guard or Reserves:

1st AD   "Old Ironsides" (Ft. Bliss website)
2nd AD   "Hell on Wheels"
3rd AD   "Spearhead"
4th AD   "By Deeds Alone" - website gone.
5th AD   "Victory"
6th AD   "Super Sixth"
7th AD   "Lucky Seventh" - website gone.
8th AD   "Thundering Herd"
9th AD   "Phantom" - website gone.
10th AD   "Tiger Division"
11th AD   "Thunderbolts"
12th AD   "Hellcats" - website gone.
13th AD   "Blackcat" -website gone.
14th AD   "Liberators"
16th AD   no nickname - website gone.
20th AD   "Armoraiders" - website gone.

NOTE: Today only one U.S. armored division is on active service - the 1st Armored Division, now headquartered at Ft.Bliss, TX, and whose web presence is fully maintained and funded by the Army. All other active sites above are privately funded and maintained by division veterans, their families and/or volunteer historians.

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