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"Rolling Thunder - The True Story
of the 3rd Armored Division"

(covering the Division from 1941 to its deactivation in 1992)

Available on VHS cassette or DVD
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This powerful 1-hr. 40-min. film documentary made its national television debut on November 23, 2002, and was repeated on November 24 and December 7, 2002. We can expect it to be broadcast again several times each year for many years to come.

The History Channel's promo for the film in 2002: "Among America's battle-scarred tank units, the 3rd Armored Division is remembered as first among equals. The 3rd earned its reputation as the 'Spearhead Division' in WWII, when it led Allied Forces into the heart of Germany. During the tension-filled decades of the Cold War, the 3rd Armored stood eyeball to eyeball with the Soviet Union. In the Gulf War, this specialized tank unit overpowered Iraqi armor. From Elvis Presley to Colin Powell, the 3rd has always been on the front lines of history. TV PG"

The revised promo in March, 2003: "The U.S. Army's 3rd Armored Division led Allied forces into the heart of Nazi Germany during World War II. They formed the front line in the decades-long Cold War standoff with the Soviet Union. And they devastated the vaunted Iraqi Republican Guard at every turn during the Gulf War. ROLLING THUNDER tells the stirring story of the famed division through extensive interviews with veterans, current soldiers and military historians, along with footage of engagements and exercises from World War II to today. General John S. Brown of the U.S. Army Center for Military History helps outline the division's long, proud history, Colonels Dan Merritt and William J. Taylor reveal what it was like in the Division during the Cold War, and Colonel Kelly F. Fisk recalls his battles against Saddam's forces in the Gulf War. And current soldiers offer an insider's view of what life is like in the 3rd Armored today, and how they are adjusting to the reforms sweeping the military." [Curiously, apparently no one has told the History Channel that the division was deactivated in 1992.]

The History Channel does not release any long-range program schedules, so checking programs on the first of each month on may be the only way to determine the next showing during any month.

Better yet, consider purchasing a VHS cassette or DVD. Go directly to the A&E / History Channel ordering page.

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