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  The Abrams tank is the subject of this film documentary that covers its development and ultimate trial-by-combat in Desert Storm of 1991. The above 3AD Abrams M1A1 is of 4th Bn, 32d Armor, during the war. The 4/32 was then commanded by now Col. John F. Kalb (ret.), whose comments in a 2005 interview are included in the film. (Photo by Kim Wortham of 3AD PAO).

"Man, Moment, Machine" film series:

"Stormin' Norman and the Abrams Tank"

Including commentary by
Lt. Gen. Paul "Butch" Funk (U.S. Army ret.)
3AD Commander in the Gulf War

  Released in the fall of 2005, this documentary will be appearing on the History Channel several times a year for many years to come. Check monthly listings on HistoryChannel.Com. Gen. Paul Funk (ret.) appears in eleven separate clips commenting during a 2005 filmed interview. Among the seven other Army Gulf War veterans commenting in the film were Gen. Ron Griffith (ret.), CG of the 1AD, and Col. John F. Kalb (ret.), commander of 4th Bn, 32d Armor, 3AD. The film includes an excellent (and understandably abridged) summary of the actions of the U.S. VII Corps and XVIII Corps, as well as a basic introduction in operating and firing the 67-ton Abrams M1A1. There is also focus on comparisons of the M1A1 with Iraqi's formidable Soviet-made T-72 tank (125mm).


  The History Channel website's promotional text:

"The Date: 1991. The Mission: Drive Saddam Hussein's army and elite Republican Guard from Kuwait. The Man: U.S. 4-star General Norman Schwarzkopf. The Machine of Choice: the M1A1 "Abrams" tank, firing what the gunners call "the silver bullet". Saddam predicts it will be the "Mother of all Battles," but Schwarzkopf knows he can beat the Republican Guard with the "Mother-of-all-Tanks" -- the most technologically advanced tank in the history of warfare. Inside the tank, host Hunter Ellis demonstrates how what they call "Sabot" rounds can be loaded and fired in three seconds. Just one of these "silver bullets" can penetrate an Iraqi tank and completely destroy it. In just 100 hours of battle, Schwarzkopf drives the Iraqis from Kuwait and shatters Saddam's army."

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