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  Left to right, as examples: 4-star Gen. U.S. Grant, 5-star Gen. Dwight Eisenhower, 4-star Gen. Norman Schwarzkopf, and 3AD Cold War soldiers: Staff Sgt. Charles Cooper, Capt. Walter Shannon, and Spec. 4 Vincent Biondi.

and applicable for the 3AD period of 1955 - 1992


NOTE: The ranks of SP5 through SP7 (included below) no longer exist. SP5 and SP6 were discontinued in 1985, and SP7 in 1978.

 E1  PV1 / PVT  Private or "Buck Private"
 E2  PV2 / PVT  Private
 E3  PFC  Private First Class
 E4  CPL / SP4  Corporal / Specialist 4
 E5  SGT / SP5  Sergeant or "Buck Sergeant" / Spec. 5
 E6   SSG / SP6  Staff Sergeant / Specialist 6
 E7  PSG / SFC / SP7  Platoon Sgt / Sgt First Class / Spec. 7
 E8  1SG / MSG  First Sergeant / Master Sergeant
 E9  CSM / SGM  Command Sgt Major / Sgt Major
 W1  WO1  Warrant Officer
 W2  WO2  Chief Warrant Officer
 W3  WO3  Chief Warrant Officer
 W4  WO4  Chief Warrant Officer
 O1  2LT  Second Lieutenant
 O2  1LT  First Lieutenant
 O3  CPT  Captain
 O4  MAJ  Major
 O5  LTC  Lieutenant Colonel
 O6  COL  Colonel
 O7  BG   (1 star)  Brigadier General
 O8  MG   (2 stars)  Major General
 O9  LTG   (3 stars)  Lieutenant General
 O10  GEN   (4 stars)  General
 O11  GA   (5 stars)  General of the Army

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