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A tribute to the 3AD victory in 1987
at the "World Series of Tank Gunnery"
held every other year in Grafenwoehr, Germany
from 1963 to 1991.

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  Photo Above: 3AD M1's at Range 301, Grafenwoehr, during 1987 CAT competition. (Photo from Steven Kuhn, 3-33 Armor & 4-8 Cav)


  Photo Below: 1st platoon's perfect-scoring M1A1 (#D14) was on display in Gelnhausen in June, 1987. (Photo by Steven Kuhn, 3-33 Armor & 4-8 Cav, 1985-91, the tank's driver) 

  Photo Above: Members of 1/D/4-8 Cav celebrate their victory. Names of these soldiers can found in this section's "Photo Collection."