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of 3rd Armored Division Units in Germany
as published in September, 1990

  This list, complied prior to the Division's deployment to Saudi Arabia in December, 1990, was still applicable after the full return to Germany by July, 1991. Phase-outs from various locations then began in the months immediately prior to 3AD's deactivation in Germany in January, 1992.

  • Drake Kaserne, Frankfurt
    HHC 3AD
    503d MP Company
    3AD Band
    22d Chemical Co. (DISCOM)
    Replacement Operations (G-l/AG)

  • Edwards Kaserne, Frankfurt
    143d Signal Battalion
    B Co, 122d Combat Support Bn. (DISCOM)
    Battlefield Deception Element (G3)

  • Michael Barracks, Frankfurt Hoechst
    Long Range Surveillance Det., 533d MI BN

  • Hessen Homburg Kaserne, Hanau
    23d Engineer Battalion
    F Co, 122d Combat Support Bn. (Main) (DISCOM)

  • Hutier Kaserne, Hanau
    4th Bn, 82d Field Artillery (DIVARTY)
    A Co, 122d Combat Support Bn (Main) (DISCOM)
    Hanau Detachment, 533d MI Bn.

  • Francois Kaserne, Hanau
    A Btry, 40th Field Artillery (MLRS Btry, DIVARTY)

  • Grossauheim Kaserne, Hanau
    C Co, 122d Combat Support Bn. (Main) (DISCOM)

  • Wolfgang Kaserne, Hanau
    A Co, 122d Combat Support Bn. (Main) (DISCOM)

  • Pioneer Kaserne, Hanau
    (No 3AD units stationed)

  • Fliegerhorst Kaserne, Eriensee
    HHC Combat Aviation Bde.
    3d Bn, 227th Aviation Bn.
    TASK FORCE VIPER (G & H Co's, 227th AVN BN) (CAB)
    I Co, 227th Aviation Bn (CAB)
    F Btry, 333rd FA (Divarty)
    HHD, C and D Co's, 122d CS Bn (MSB) (DISCOM)
    DET 2, 7th Weather SQN

  • Ayers Kaserne, Kirchgoens
    HHC, 1st Brigade
    2d Bn, 32d Armor (1st Brigade)
    4th Bn, 32d Armor (1st Brigade)
    3d Bn, 5th Cavalry (1st Brigade)
    5th Bn, 5th Cavalry (1st Brigade)
    2d Bn, 3d Field Artillery (DIVARTY)
    503d Combat Support Bn (Fwd) (DISCOM)
    Kirchgoens Medical Det, 122d CS BN (DISCOM)

  • Schloss Kaserne, Butzbach
    E Co, 122D Combat Spt Bn (Main) (DISCOM)
    NCO Academy
    Butzbach Det, 533d MI Bn
    1st Plt, 503d MP Co

  • Coleman Barracks, Gelnhausen
    HHC 2d Brigade
    3d Bn, 8th Cavalry (2d Brigade)
    4th Bn, 8th Cavalry (2d Brigade)
    4th Bn, 18th Infantry (2d Brigade)
    45th Combat Support Bn (Fwd) (DISCOM)
    2d Platoon, 503d MP Co
    Gelnhausen Det, 533d MI Bn

  • Armstrong Barracks, Budingen
    4th Squadron, 7th Cavalry (Cbt Avn Bde)
    3d Bn, 5th Air Defense Bn
    C Co, 45th Combat Support Bn (FWD) (DISCOM)

  • Ray Barracks, Friedberg
    HHC 3d Brigade
    4th Bn, 67th Armor (3d Brigade)
    2d Bn, 5th Cavalry (3d Brigade)
    5th Bn, 18th Infantry (3d Brigade)
    2d Bn, 82d Field Artillery (DIVARTY)
    54th Combat Support Bn (Fwd) (DISCOM)
    Friedberg Det, 533d MI Bn
    3d Platoon, 503d MP Co

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