A Tribute To

The "Real Patton" of
Victory in Europe

Presented by
on behalf of the WWII veterans
of the 3rd Armored Division,
the "Spearhead" Division
of Hodges' U.S. First Army

First posted 9/2009
Edited by Vic Damon

Introduction by

Hodges on YouTube

TIME Magazine Cover

Associated Press Article

Photo Collection

U.S. Senate Publication

Book Cover: Hodges' Biography

Preview of Biography on Google Books

Book Cover: Hodges' War Diary

Preview of War Diary on Google Books

Hodges on Wikipedia

Army Times Article: Obama's Grandfather

Personal Papers at Eisenhower Museum (.pdf)

Gravesite at Arlington (photo)

Arlington Cemetery Page

  A Special Note in particular to President Obama, film director Ken Burns, the producers of The History Channel, and writers of the 1970 Hollywood movie "Patton": It's long past time for General Hodges and his U.S. First Army to receive their due -- and that their accomplishments are no longer misappropriated by a certain cult-like mythology that surrounds Gen. George Patton.



Gen. Courtney H. Hodges
1887 - 1966
Commander - U.S. First Army - World War II
Native of Perry, Georgia

U.S. First Army WWII Patch

3rd Armored Division Website:

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