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in the Gulf War, Operation Desert Storm

  The following component units made up the division in the Gulf War. Also listed are special "Attached Units" that served with the division during the ground war offensive (Desert Storm) and after.


Ist Brigade:
4th Battalion, 32nd Armor
3rd Battalion, 5th Cavalry
5th Battalion, 5th Cavalry
HHC, 1st Brigade

2nd Brigade:
3rd Battalion, 8th Cavalry
4th Battalion, 8th Cavalry
4th Battalion, 18th Infantry
HHC, 2nd Brigade

3rd Brigade:
2nd Battalion, 67th Armor
4th Battalion, 67th Armor
5th Battalion, 18th lnfantry
HHC, 3rd Brigade

Combat Aviation Brigade:
2nd Battalion, 227th Aviation
3rd Battalion, 227th Aviation
Task Force Viper
4th Squadron, 7th Cavalry
HHC, Combat Aviation Brigade

Division Artillery:
2nd Battalion, 3rd Field Arty.
2nd Battalion, 82nd Field Arty.
4th Battalion, 82nd Field Arty.
A Battery, 40th Field Arty.
F Battery, 333rd Field Arty.
HHB, Division Artillery

Division Support Command:
503rd Forward Support Battalion
54th Forward Support Battalion
45th Forward Support Battalion
122nd Main Support Battalion
22nd Chemical Company
9th Battalion, 227th Aviation
HHC, Div. Support Command

Division Troops:
23rd Engineer Battalion
143rd Signal Battalion
533rd Military Intelligence Bn.
503rd Military Police Company
3rd Bn., 5th Air Defence Arty.
3rd Armored Division Band
HHC, 3rd Armored Division

Attached Units:
4th Battalion, 34th Armor
3rd Battalion, 20th Field Artillery
148th Public Affairs Det., IDARNG
369th Personnel Service Co.
302nd RAOC
5/3 Air Defence Artillery
323 Chemical Company
12th Engineer Battalion
C Co., 17th Signal Battalion

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