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3rd Armored Division Operations

8 NOV 90 3AD ordered to participate in Operation DESERT SHIELD under control of VII Corps.
24 NOV 90 -
17 DEC 90
Equipment deployment to SPOE: 57 trains, 200 barges, and wheel convoys move 3AD equipment from bases in Germany to Rotterdam and Antwerp.
6 DEC 90 -
7 FEB 91
Equipment Deployment SPOE to SPOD: 48 ships transport 3AD equipment from Antwerp and Rotterdam to Jubayl and Dammam, Saudi Arabia.
14 DEC 90 -
14 JAN 91
Over 17,000 division troops deploy from Rhein-Main, Ramstein, and Nuernberg airports to King Fahd and Dharan airports of debarkation in Saudi Arabia.
21 DEC 90 Division Assault Command Post becomes first division troops to move from Dammam to TAA Henry - about a 400-mile move.
13 JAN 91 Division Advance Parties arrive in TAA Henry.
17 JAN 91 D-Day: Air campaign begins.
20 JAN 91 First MSE, 2d Brigade begins arriving in TAA Henry.
22 JAN 91 Assault CP forward deploys to FAA Butts.
5 FEB 91 HUMMEX I: Division movement rehearsal.
9 FEB 91 HUMMEX II: Division movement and communication rehearsal. Last divisional attachment, 12 Eng Bn, closes in TAA Henry.
15 FEB 91 -
17 FEB 91
3AD conducts operational move to FAA Butts and continues preparation for combat operations.
24 FEB 91
1500 Hrs.
G-Day. 3AD attacks across LD, following 2ACR in zone, in a column of Brigades - 2d Bde, 1st Bde, then 3d Bde. CAB on Division right flank.
26 FEB 91
0600 Hrs.
Conducted forward passage through 2ACR, 3AD continues the attack to destroy the Talwalkana Division.
28 FEB 91
0800 Hrs.
Temporary Cease Fire. 3AD attacked over 223 km through Iraq into Kuwait. Destroyed 3 Iraqi Armored/Mechanized Divisions - the 52d Armored Division, the 17th Armored Division, and the Talwalkana Division of the Republican Guards. 3AD captured 2,552 prisoners.
1 MAR 91 Division reverts to Corps Reserve. Prepares for possible further combat operations.
1 MAR 91 3AD given mission to protect, feed, and give mediacl aid to over 10,000 refugees in area of Safwan, Iraq.
MAR 91 -
MAY 91
Defensive deployments along Northern Kuwait border with Iraq, as civil war is underway in areas across border in Iraq. Defense and monitoring duties transferred to U.N. in May.
MAR 91 -
3AD to plan, coordinate, and execute air move of certain refugees from area of Safwan to a safe haven in Saudi Arabia. In all, 8,376 refugees are relocated.
8 MAR 91 First 3AD troops redeploy to Germany - a small contingent of 204 soldiers. Others to gradually follow.
MAY 91 -
Gradual redeployment to Germany continues, as missions allow.
8 JUNE 91 Battalion-size 3AD contingent marches in the Desert Storm Victory Parade in Washington, D.C.
25 JUNE 91 400 Division troops remain in Safwan and in Kuwait, to return to Germany in July.
10 JULY 91 3AD Victory Parade & Ceremony held in Germany.

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