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Sept. 9, 2008
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More on Hallmark's TV drama "Generation Gap"
-- Also to be released on DVD --

From Vic Damon, web staff, on July 18, 2008:


Scheduled to premiere on Saturday, October 25, 2008, on the Hallmark Channel, "Generation Gap" is the fictional story of a rebellious teen who is sent for the summer by his mother to live with his tough military grandfather, who instills respect and discipline. The grandfather is played by Ed Asner, who portrays a 3rd Armored Div. WWII veteran, "Bart Cahill," a widower. Ralph Waite (of "The Waltons" TV fame) plays Bart's WWII Spearhead buddy "Chick." And "Kay," the owner of a local diner where Bart goes for breakfast every morning, is played by Rue McClanahan (of "The Golden Girls" TV fame).

The screenplay was written by Los Angeles-based Sean King and Ray Starmann. And, yes, that's the same Ray Starmann who was with the 3rd Armored Division as Asst. S-2 Officer (Intelligence), 4-7 Cavalry, in the late Cold War and in the Gulf War. In an interview with, Starmann dodged the issue of favoritism and maintained that any fair-minded writer who competently researched for the film would have also chosen the 3AD as the WWII connection.

The setting is in a small town, "Greensville," where Bart, Chick, Johnny (a Vietnam vet) and Mac (a Navy vet) hang out at the local VFW and mentor the young kid "Dylan," played by Alex Black. In the course of the script, Bart speaks of the 3AD in Normandy, the advance across France, and the Battle of the Bulge. The liberation of the Nordhausen slave labor camp is also mentioned, as is the 3AD's legendary commander, General Rose. In several scenes, Dylan is shown wearing his grandfather's field jacket with the 3AD patch.

The film should be available on DVD from Hallmark and from sometime after the October airing. Check back later on for DVD order information.

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