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Vic Damon
Webmaster & Editor
Meriden, CT
Frankfurt/M, Germany, and
Ft. Benning Infantry Hq PAO

Jim Chorazy
Cold War Consultant.
Pendleton, OR
HHC, CCB, 2nd Brigade
3AD, Germany

Don R. Marsh
World War II Consultant
Tustin, CA
2AD & 3AD in WWII
MG Maurice Rose biographer

Robert M. Forrest
Nuclear Weapons Editor
Lt. Col., USAR; formerly
V Corp & faculty Army Field
Artillery School, Ft. Sill, OK

Jim MacClay
Research & Special Projects
Valley Forge, PA
HHC, 3/33 Armor & 4/8 Cav,
2nd Brigade, 3AD, Germany;
1st Cav Div, (incl. Gulf War I)

Dan Fong
Military Hardware Consultant
Battle Tank Specialty
Cleveland, OH
US Army/civilian

Steven L. Ossad
Military History Consultant
New York City, Manhattan
MG Maurice Rose biographer
Citizen Military Historian

Dan Peterson
3AD Historian & Curator Emeritus.
3AD 1970's; Director of Spearhead
Museum, 1981-92; now Director of
Ft. Campbell, KY, Pratt Museum

(in alphabetical order)
Michael Gollaher, Boise, ID; 3AD Gulf War vet.
Paul Leopold
, Stockholm, Sweden; 3AD Cold War vet.
John R. Marshall, Macon, GA; 3AD Cold War vet.
Dominic Rizzo, Rocky Hill, CT; 3AD WWII vet.
Ken Robinson, Monroe, WA; 3AD Cold War vet.

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3AD.com Exclusive:  
IRAN and the
An Irony of History

Top photo below: In 1965 U.S. soldiers from the 3AD's 3rd Bn, 36th Inf demonstrate to Iranian military personnel the set-up of the M-29 Davy Crockett launcher, designed to fire a 51-pound nuclear warhead. (text continued below)

The location was the U.S. Army's Hohenfels Training Area in what was then southeastern West Germany and within 30 miles of the border with Czechoslovakia. In the next photo, the Iranians mingle with 3AD troops after being bused for discussions and a live-fire demonstration of the launcher. On this occasion two dummy rounds were fired. In the 3rd photo, a 3AD soldier cleans the 37mm spotting gun on the launcher. Looming on the right is a W-54 nuclear warhead dummy (inert training version). The actual W-54, at 51 pounds, was the smallest and lightest nuclear munition ever detonated and deployed by the U.S.

Of course, after WWII and up to the Islamic Revolution of 1979, Iran was a close military ally of the U.S. Its leader during that time was Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, aka the Shah of Iran, and Iranian military men occasionally visited U.S. military installations and training areas in Europe for observation and/or training purposes. It is fair to assume that discussion and demonstration of U.S. (and 3AD) nuclear weaponry also included nuclear rockets and artillery, and "backpack" nuclear munitions carried by small elite teams of U.S. Army combat engineers (including the 3AD).

By Vic Damon of 3AD.com;
Photos © by David L. Smith,
veteran of 3 Bn, 36th Inf, 3AD
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