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At the final National Reunion

  ABOVE: Rev. Walter Stitt, Secretary/Treasurer of the 3rd Armored Division Association (WWII), closes the final national reunion on Sept. 18, 2010, in Columbus, Georgia, the home of Ft. Benning. The closing included his favorite poem "Nothing Gold Can Stay" by Robert Frost and a heart-felt rendition of "May the Good Lord Bless and Keep You." (Video by Vic Damon of 3AD.com Staff)

Now available as free downloads:
"The Last Push" & "The Last Request"

  Two books compiled by Bill and Lale Ruth of the fascinating details of 3rd Armored Div. WWII veterans returning to their old European battlegrounds in 1992 & 1994. Full of great text and photos! SPECIAL NOTE: Patience please. These are 68-page & 219-page PDF's respectively, and each about 60MB in size. Downloading can take between 1 min. and 8 min., depending on your computer and Internet connection.

3rd Armored Cologne video nearing
200,000 views on YouTube

Click to view on YouTube

  Above screen-shot is from 3AD.com's video of Spearhead's advance into Cologne, Germany, in 1945. It includes the famous footage of a 32nd Armor Regiment Pershing tank destroying a German Panther tank at the Cathedral Square. The video was first posted on YouTube in January, 2007, and after reaching 100,000 views, we replaced it with an improved version with better resolution and improved sound-track, but otherwise the same footage. As of September, 2017, that second version had gone over 95,000 views. (Restoration, enhancement, and editing of the original silent footage, including the adding of the music sound-track, done by Vic Damon of 3AD.com Staff)

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Sampling from 3AD.com's growing
Spearhead WWII photo archive

TOP PHOTO as used by filmmaker Ken Burns as the opening graphic for his acclaimed WWII television documentary "The War". The two 3AD soldiers huddled behind a Sherman tank were Cpl. James L. Gregory (left) and T/5 Omer G. Taylor of Hq Co, 1st Bn, 36th Armored Infantry Regiment. Both survived the war. See caption further down for description of other photos.

SECOND FROM TOP: Sherman M4's of the 3AD's 32nd Armor Regiment move off of Omaha Beach after disembarking LST's. NEXT: A blast from a 155mm M-12 Self-Propelled Artillery Gun of the 991st Field Artillery Bn, attached to the 3AD. NEXT: The Seine River is crossed on a pontoon bridge built in one day by the 23rd Engineer Bn. NEXT: Shermans of the 32nd AR are used as artillery inside Germany. NEXT: A wounded German POW is treated by 45th Medical Bn personnel after the Battle of Mons.

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Battle of the Bulge, Belgium, Jan. 13, 1945: 3rd Armored Div. troops moving up to push back German forces. Original 1945 ACME Press photo found by Jim MacClay (3AD.com staff) in 2013 and believed to have never been published before. Specific 3AD unit was not identified in the caption.