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The Writings of
HAYNES W. DUGAN, Lt. Col., USAR (ret)
3AD Hq. Asst. G-2 & Div. Public Affairs Officer, WWII


This section is a tribute to the late Haynes Dugan of Shreveport, Louisiana, for his many years of dedication to preserving the history of the Spearhead Division in World War II. He served with the 3rd Armored from 1941 to 1945, throughout its remarkable journey from Camp Beauregard, Louisiana, to the banks of Germany's Elbe River, deep within the Third Reich. We know of no other Army division, from any era, that was fortunate enough to have had in its Headquarters ranks a soldier, journalist, and historian such as then Major Dugan, who continued to research and write long after his tour of duty ended. Beginning in 1948, he served as the 3AD Association historian for 58 years, until his passing on February 6, 2007.

Starting in 1980, and working with his former 3AD Hq G-2 boss Lt. Col. Andrew Barr and others from the 3AD Association, Dugan played a key role in the initial planning and the subsequent development of the Division's historical archives at the University of Illinois in Urbana, Ill. Generous donations from Barr and Dugan are the foundation of the Trust Fund that helps to maintain those archives.

In 2003 Dugan became the Honorary Officer in Charge of our newly formed website, where he personally, as well as his past works, served as an inspiration. In 1995, it was Haynes who first suggested to Steven Ossad, and urged him on, that a biography of Gen. Maurice Rose should be written. Co-authored with Don R. Marsh, the book was published in 2003.

Presented in this section, and following an introduction, is a sweeping WWII saga of the Division that Dugan wrote in the late 1980's which includes perspectives and details not found in the well-known 1946 book "Spearhead in the West." Also included here is a selection of his "History Articles" that have appeared in various publications during his over 50 years as the historian of the 3rd Armored Division Association. And "Down Memory Lane" is a largely autobiographical sketch of the 3AD from its very beginning to being shipped to England to prepare for the invasion of France.

Dugan was a 1934 graduate of Texas A&M, and received a Master's Degree from Columbia University's School of Journalism (NYC) in 1936. Following WWII, he worked as a petroleum landman for Texaco for 28 years. During that time, and into his "retirement," he maintained a private real estate investment business.

The item below was scanned from the 1946 Spearhead in the West.

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