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Camp Polk, La. - July 10, 1941

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Nickname Surprise

"Battlefield" Magazine
"Look" Magazine
"Sat. Evening Post"
"Saga" Magazine
"Call Me" Booklet
"Call Me" Sequel
"5 Stars to Victory"
Enemy Destroyed
Combat Strategy
D-Day Messages
Collins' Letters
Illustrated History
Truman Inspects
Andy Rooney
"Ripley's" Clipping
Belgian Fourragère
3AD French Art
Reed Collection
Patton vs. Hodges
"Super Pershing"
3AD on the Beach

Hollywood Film
Bates' Cologne Film
Russ Eick Photos
1Sgt Boersen Photos

Mons Remembers
Christmas 1944
Question of Week
Occupation 1945
Western Union
Malmedy Victim

POW Escape Kit
Dog Tags & Clover
Belton Cooper

"Death Traps"
"Another River"
"The Hotton Report"
Gen. Rose's Helmet
32nd AR Combat Map
Yard-Long Photos
1994 Europe Trip

2004 Europe Trip
Battlefields in 1994
Cologne 1945/1998
3AD Plaques in 1994
1948 Reunion Photo
1952 Reunion Photo
23rd Engrs Bn Map

486th AAA History
991st F.A. Bn

703rd TD Bn
3AD Airmen
Pershing Casualty #1
Pershing Casualty #2
Col. "Long John" Smith

3AD 50th Anniversary
More to come.

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