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3rd Armored Division HQ Journalist & Primary Author of Spearhead in the West,
and previously Recon Scout with the 703rd Tank Destroyer Bn

  The 3AD History Website is pleased to present a first-ever compilation from the military works of the Division's prolific WWII combat correspondent. Our appreciation to Leslie Woolner Bardsley of Massachusetts for her tireless research of her father's writings.


A Dedication  < Start
Not All Heroes

What Happened
Coffin Lid
General in Skivvies
Pill Rollers
A Direct Order
Destroyer Team
Army Mascots

First Impressions
German POW'S
Slave Laborers
The Piper Cubs
German War-Bird
Never Go Home
On Death
GI Joe & Humor

Christmas Bulge
The Troop Ship
Fairness & the SS
Drive on Rhine
Tale of a Booby-Trap

Spearhead's TDs
D-Day & History
2nd London Blitz
Benevolent Spider

Letter #1 to Brother
Letter #2 to Brother
Letter #3 to Brother

>>  A Biographic Sketch of Woolner  <<

  ABOVE: Sporting a "Mohawk" haircut, Sgt. Frank Woolner works his personal Royal portable typewriter on top of a gas can during the winter of 1944-45 somewhere in Belgium or Germany. (Photo from Woolner Family)

  Copyright Notice regarding the above indexed articles and any related photos of or by Frank Woolner: © Leslie Woolner Bardsley. Publication or reproduction, in part or whole, is prohibited without written permission from the copyright holder. All rights remain the sole property of Leslie Woolner Bardsley on behalf of the Frank Woolner Family Trust.

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