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Photos of Capt. Moses Rabson, M.D.

  3rd Armored Division Commander, Maj. Gen. Maurice Rose, decorates Capt. Rabson in an awards ceremony after the Battle of the Bulge in Jan., 1945. The Army photo caption gave no further details.

  Rabson with his open jeep and medic driver as a battalion surgeon with the 36th Armored Infantry Regiment.

  Rabson in Cologne, March, 1945 ­ the first major German city to fall to Allied ground troops in WWII.


Rabson after war's end.

  Capt. Rabson and his sweetheart, Frances Weiner, in 1943 before his departure for war in Europe. They would marry in 1946.

  Moses & Frances Rabson around the year 2000.

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