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The Major General Rose Biography
First published in 2003

  The event pictured below in Tunisia, North Africa, in 1943, as well as Rose's full military career, is described in fascinating detail in Major General Maurice Rose - World War II's Greatest Forgotten Commander. Further details below.

  PHOTOS ABOVE (wide shot and a zoom in) show two German staff officers and Colonel Maurice Rose (at arrow) leaving a 1st Armored Division Command Post near Ferryville, Tunisia, on May 9, 1943. The group would then begin a trip by a 2-vehicle U.S. convoy into German lines where Rose would negotiate the unconditional surrender of a sizable portion of the Afrika Korps. Then 1st Armored's Chief of Staff, Rose was instrumental as the principal negotiator of this first major surrender of Axis forces to Americans in World War II. (Wire Service photo obtained by Jim MacClay of staff)

Major General Maurice Rose - World War II's
Greatest Forgotten Commander

By Steven L. Ossad & Don R. Marsh

Marsh writes how the book came to be
Ossad's professional website


Latest Information

The book, originally published in 2003 as a hardcover, was re-released in 2006 as a 6x9-inch, 436-page softcover. The publisher is Taylor Trade Publishing of Rowman & Littlefield Publishing Group, New York, City.

From the original dust jacket of the book:

"In this outstanding, first-rate biography, Ossad and Marsh have chronicled the life of an authentic hero. Their thorough investigation reveals, for the first time, a full account of Rose's untimely death in 1945. Highly recommended." - Carlo D'Este, best-selling author of Eisenhower:A Soldier's Life and Patton: A Genius for War.

"A complete and compelling narrative that covers the brilliant career of Major General Maurice Rose, from his roots in Colorado, through his service on the Mexican border and during World War I, and culminating in his leadership of one of World War II's finest fighting outfits, the 3rd Armored Division." - Gerald Astor, author of The Greatest War: Americans in Combat, 1941-1945 and The Right to Fight: A History of African Americans in the Military.

 The authors: Steven L. Ossad (left) & Don R. Marsh in 1996, during early stage of research for the book.

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